Hardware Hacking

Hardware Hacking Village

The Hardware Hacking Village is a place to learn and build up skills in Hardware Hacking and Design. The HHV is new to SAINTCON for 2014, but will not dissappoint. With awesome staff and experience, the HHV will probably be one of your favorite things you did while at SAINTCON 2014.

This year we are pleased once again to have an incredible team running the HHV. Luke Jenkins, Matt Lorimer, and their team are very skilled in all things hardware hacking. Luke has helped run the DEFCON HHV for years, and is excited to bring this experience to SAINTCON.

Wireless Hacking

Wireless Hackging Village

New in 2015 we will be organizing a Wireless Hacking Village (WHV) for all things RF. In this village, we will demonstrating how to use RF to your advantage, how to decode all sorts of wireless signals. This includes: Airplane Transponders, Pager Traffic, WiFi Hotspots, Garage Openers, and so so so much more.

Hacker's Challenge

Hacker's Challenge Village

Every year, we hear feedback from those that play the Hackers Challenge Game that they want a more hands-on environment that they can work together on challenges, learn the skills needed to solve the puzzles, and work with others on difficult challenges. The Hackers Challenge Village is just that environment, A place where you can come and work with others on the puzzles from the game.

Walk throughs on already solved puzzles will be provided after enough time has passed since the puzzle has been solved in the event that you are struggling with a particular puzzle. Whiteboards and snacks will be available to those who want to just chill in the HCV and work together.

Regular sessions explaining the use of Hex Editors, Strings, Linux/Unix CLI Tools, Scripting, and other helpful skills will be held regularly during the day. Ad-Hoc sessions will be lead and moderated by HCV staff and SAINTCON Committee Members as well.

Lock Picking

Lock Picking Village

The Lock Picking Village (LPV) is an area where attendees can learn about locks, lock-picking, and physical security. Visitors can practice picking locks in a hands-on setting and learn about how locks are used to secure homes and businesses.

Attendees are encouraged to bring locks they want to lear nmore about. We can often show you how to open, disassemble, or what features they have for protection. Lock Picking is fun for all ages and all skill levels. We can alomst guarantee that you WILL pick your first lock if you visit the Lock Picking Village.